Take on a Challenge

We’re always looking for new challenge fundraisers and we’ll support you every step of the way.  


Carina & Helen's Half Marathon

Carina & Helen RunningCBF employees, Carina and Helen, ran the Thames Meander Half Marathon on Saturday 4th November 2017 to raise funds for the CBF.  More accustomed to drinking wine and eating cake they trained every Sunday morning for 4 months to take on this challenge!




KM Charity Team Events

 We have teamed up with the Kent Messenger (KM) Charity Team and are able you a host of events you can sign up to taking you on your own personal challenge as well as raising funds for the CBF. Challenges include cycle rides, abseiling, quizzes, fun runs and much much more.

Click here for more information. 

Try out skydiving 

one of our brave skydivers in the sky

Organise a sponsored skydive! Raise money and have the experience of a lifetime!

“Perched on the edge of the tiny plane you are suddenly launched into orbit! Tumbling disorientated your brain and heart freak out!!

But only for a split second. Your body levels with gravity and you go ohhh WOW! Falling with style! Words and thoughts fail as adrenalin and acceleration take over. You are in awe. Life takes on perspective. You can do anything”.


Run for the CBF

If you’d like to run for the CBF we can help you find an organised run. 

We encourage all of our supporters wishing to run the London Marathon to enter the ballot, which is usually a week or two after the marathon in April.

Anyone who raises more than £150 will receive a free running t-shirt or vest!

Host a dinner for the CBF

A dinner for the CBF

Invite your friends, decide on a menu (this can be as fun or as gourmet as you like) and set a minimum donation amount.



Your friends will love having dinner cooked for them, and you can also raise money for the CBF! 





Run a fundraising stall at a local fair

In the summer there are often opportunities to take a stall at a local fete or event. Why not take a stall for CBF, run some simple games, such as a tombola or lucky dip. Taking part in events like these helps to raise awareness of the CBF as well as raising money.


Run your own quiz night

CBF holds a stock of quiz questions and has a guide to help you to run your own quiz night. Our Fundraising Committee have run numerous quiz nights over the past 20 years and have created a guide to share their expertise in running a successful event.


Take a collection box

We have a group of volunteers who take collection boxes to local businesses. If you know of a local business that would be willing to hold a donation box for CBF and you would be willing to take responsibility for emptying the box please do contact us

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