The Great Big Little Challenge

Children Fingerspelling the word 'Challenge'

What Does 'Challenge' Mean to You?

The Great Big Little Challenge launched in June 2013.

We got our supporters thinking about what challenges them, and how they can overcome these challenges, and to think about the challenges people with severe learning disabilities and their families face.


The Great Big Little Photo Challenge

This year our Great Big Little Challenge was focused around our Photography Competition. The competition was open to anyone that can take a photo on any device and share it with us – or be supported to do so.

The competition ran for 12 weeks from Monday 30th June. Each week, a theme was announced that related in some way to the work that the CBF does to improve the lives of people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. 

The Winners

We would like to say a massive thank you and well done to everybody who took part in the Photo Challenge. The CBF team have really enjoyed seeing all of the fantastic entries as they've been sent in!

Judging was an incredible difficult task, but we can now proudly present the winning photos. Congratulations to our winner, Jessica, who sent in this gorgeous photo under the theme 'voice' (top). The runners-up were Linda and Alfie, who captured Alfie 'sharing' his hot tub with a field of very curious cows (bottom left), and Keith and David, who photographed David's 'ability' to share a book with his granddad (bottom right). 


Alfie-Sharing.png     Keith---Ability.JPG

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