Due to COVID-19 we are not able to send out any resources at this time. If you are a family carer in need of support then please contact our helpline.

All our information sheets are available to download. If you need specific help relating to the COVID-19 pandemic please see our information here: Guidance for Families.


COVID-19 - Information and resources

We understand that this is a very challenging time and are working to produce resources that may provide some useful information and tips to you and your families.

As we are constantly developing resources, please be aware that not all may be currently available here. We will upload these as soon as they are ready and will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible, so do check back regularly if you have been pinpointed to this page by another of our resources.

















CBF Covid-19 Info Sheets:

Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour - Supporting Your Loved One At Home


Visual Summary-Supporting Children and Adults with Severe Learning Disabilities at Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic


 Information sheet on Spitting




Health and hygiene

Handwashing information sheet

Going into hospital with Covid19 

Temperature taking

Routine Health Care During Covid19

Learning Disability Nursing Information Sheet

Covid19 Letter to Paramedics, Healthcare Staff and First Responders



Going out during Covid 19/ Visiting relatives

Covid-19 Learning Disability Information Cards for Going Out

Restrictions on Contact with Family

Severe Learning Disabilities and Facemasks 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for families





Education/ School

Information during school closures



Activity ideas Covid19 part 1

Activity ideas Covid 19 part 2  


Interactions with emergency services 

Police Factsheet






















FAQs about the Law:










Introduction to FAQs

We want families to have access to these answers as soon as possible and upload the FAQs as soon as we receive answers from the legal panel. We are regularly updating the FAQs with new questions and in line with changes to government guidance, so keep checking back here for more updates.

We know this is a very challenging time for families caring for loved ones with severe learning disabilities. These FAQS may raise further queries or you may have further questions that you would like answered – if so please let us know and we will do our best to address them. In partnership with the legal panel members we will be working on additional resources to address the issues raised so far.

To share queries or further questions, please email info@thecbf.org.uk and include LEGAL QUESTION in the subject.

Corona Virus and the Law


Covid 19 FAQs 1 from Legal Panel 


Covid 19 FAQs 2 from Legal Panel




















Resources, examples and templates:


Now, Next Later Chart and Visual Timetable

Template letter when you have restricted access to visit your relative 









Template full communication passport 

Template emergency plan

Template hospital plan 


 MCA resource for families concerned about being involved in Best Interest decisions








An easy read guide to support me

Support from professionals– from Learning Disability Senate at CBF’s request


Covid-19 Grab and Go NHS Form - I have a learning disability, or I am autistic

Please notice: This doesn’t replace the Hospital Passport


What happens when you are tested for Covid 19 - easy read


Coronavirus resources for children and families

Note: Play the video on mute, music can be distractive




CBF Behaviour Videos

We are aware that isolation may lead to behaviour change and therefore we want to ensure everyone has the practical information they need. During the pandemic we are unable to send out our DVDs so we have published these online for everyone to access for free. 






Other Pages

 Covid 19 - Resources from other organisations 

 Covid 19 - National guidance

 Covid 19 and learning disabilities latest news






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