Due to COVID-19 we are not able to send out any resources at this time. If you are a family carer in need of support then please contact our helpline.

All our information sheets are available to download. If you need specific help relating to the COVID-19 pandemic please see our information here: Guidance for Families.


Volunteer Awards

The hard work of our volunteers is crucial to the work that the CBF does. They represent us, reach new families, support family carers, fundraise, and so much more.  

To say thank you, we have 3 types of volunteer badge, which we award to our most committed volunteers each year. Read on to find out more about the different awards, and who has received them!

To find out how to get involved, visit our Volunteer With Us page.


Volunteer Award



Awarded to people who have been actively volunteering for at least 2 years. 

In 2018, this award was given to:

Malgosia Wasilewski, Richard Wasilewski, Sheila Morris, Mike Spinney, Kathy Spinney, Lorna Walker-Bryan, Sophie Cooper and James Dodd



Continued Commitment Award


Awarded to people who have been actively and regularly volunteering for at least 5 years. 

In 2018, this award was given to:

Ian Penfold, Diane Lightfoot, Lyn Price and Graham Robertson




Exceptional Contribution Award

  Awarded to people who have given a lot of time and energy to CBF, made something significant happen for the CBF or gone out of their way to help or over and above what was asked.

 In 2018, this award was given to: Audrey Giles and Kate Sanger



Well done everyone and thank you!



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