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One of the main aims of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) is to highlight the needs of individuals with severe learning disabilties and behaviour described as challenging and to influence policy and practice on their behalf.

Currently children and adults with severe learning disabilities are amongst the most disadvantaged members of our society. They can expect to achieve less than other people, to face more barriers and discrimination and to struggle to become socially integrated. The addition of severe challenging behaviour greatly increases the obstacles to their development and integration. Children with the most severe challenging behaviour often carry this behaviour into adulthood and face a lifetime of social exclusion and poor quality of life. 

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is working to change this and believes that children and adults with severe learning disabilities, who are described as having challenging behaviour should have the same life opportunities as everyone else, including home life, education, employment and leisure.

People whose behaviour challenges have the same needs as anyone else, in addition to special needs for help to overcome the problems their behaviour presents. They do not surrender their needs for personal relationships, for growth and development or for anything else because their behaviour presents a challenge to services. They have the same human and civil rights as anyone else”

(Mansell, 2007)

Listening to families

At the CBF we listen carefully to the experiences of the family carers that contact us and ensure that we reflect these experiences in all our work. You can read some stories from families here.

Working with others

We believe that we can achieve most by working together. In 2008 the Challenging Behaviour Foundation formed the Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) to enable a range of individuals and organisations to work together to improve the lives of individuals with severe learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging and their family carers.  To read more about the CB-NSG click here.

Get involved

Easy read charterTCharterhere are a number of ways you can help the Challenging Behaviour Foundation to campaign:

  • Share your experiences. Contact us to tell us what your experiences are and what needs to change.
  • Join the Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group. Click here for further information
  • Sign up to the CB-NSG charter
  • Ask your networks, friends & families to sign up to the charter
  • Donate to help fund our work

Alternatively if there is another way you would like to help us improve the lives of people with severe learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging, please contact us.

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