Transition and moving services (child to adult services / to a new adult service)

We all think about the future, some of us more than others. When your relative has severe learning disabilities and displays challenging behaviour, their needs will be more complex. Because of this it is a good idea to plan ahead and to think of all possibilities, especially during transition to adult services or if moving to a house or flat which will require staff.



There are ways you can plan ahead to ensure a smooth transition:

(a)  Person Centred Planning (PCP):

  • This puts the person at the centre of the process and focuses on their strengths, abilities, likes and dislikes. It is a positive “vision” of what life should look like for the person and the support needed to achieve this.
  • A number of people including family should be involved in making the plan.

(b)  Circle of Support:

  • It puts the person at the heart of the planning, focusing on their ambitions, wishes and dreams for the future.
  • It ensures there is always someone available to speak or advocate on their behalf.

(c)  Emergency Plans:

  • Because unexpected emergencies happen, it is best to have a plan in place of what to do.
  • An emergency plan can ensure that if anything happens to you, support is given to your relative following the plan.
  • Some local authorities have emergency plan schemes operating in their area.

(d)  Equal Rights:

  • People with learning disabilities who display challenging behaviour have same rights to all services as everyone else.
  • Ask for reasonable adjustments to ensure your relative can access services equally.

What are the options available?

People with severe learning disabilities who display challenging behaviour have the same rights as everyone else, to:

  • live in their local area
  • have a family life
  • use community facilities e.g. leisure centres
  • access learning opportunities e.g. college 

However, the person will need help and support to achieve these rights. Other people may also need to adapt, which is why careful planning is important.

A good service or support package should let a person with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour live an ‘ordinary’ life. They should have choice and control over their life, and may need to be supported to do this. The local services that are already available may be suitable or may need to be adapted to suit the person. If the options available are not right for the person, then something new must be created especially for them.

 The Challenging Behaviour Foundation information pack ‘Planning for the Future’ gives more information on:

  • Person centred planning
  • Safeguards
  • Choices
  • Frequent challenges
  • Funding
  • Changes to rights at adulthood
  • Who can help
  • Questions to ask providers

For more information see the Challenging Behaviour Foundation full length information sheet “Transition and Moving Services”.


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