The CBF responds to the launch of Stephen Bubb's report 'Time for Change: the Challenge Ahead'

Today (22nd February 2016) marks the launch of Sir Stephen Bubb's third and final report into the way the nation treats people with learning disabilities. The report (in both full version, and easy read version) can be read here.

The CBF and Mencap have released a joint statement on Sir Stephen's report.


Jan Tregelles, chief executive of the Royal Mencap Society, and Vivien Cooper, chief executive of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, said:


"People with a learning disability and their families have endured nearly 5 years of failure by national and local government and the NHS to bring about meaningful change for the 3,500 people in in-patient units. This has left people often far from home in units where they are at increased risk of abuse and neglect, their families fighting to bring loved ones home. This is taking place as the NHS and local government are spending an estimated £600m a year on buying the wrong kind of care for thousands of people.

"Stephen Bubb is right to say that NHS England's commitment to close in patient beds over the next 3 years will only have credibility if reductions in bed numbers in units and the experiences of people with a learning disability are independently monitored and reported on every year. And where progress is not being made there must be rapid intervention to get plans back on track.

"Now is an opportunity to restore faith, where so far there has been repeated failure, and build the community support people with a learning disability and their families want and have been promised."

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