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The CBF support many families whose relatives do not receive the right support at the right time and in the right place. Today’s media coverage is another reminder of the hugely damaging effect this has on individuals and their families.   


We repeatedly hear from the families we support that their loved ones are being harmed by the system that is meant to support them.  The lack of appropriate provision to enable children, young people and adults to have good lives and feel safe has been highlighted in a number of recent reviews and reports.  


It is possible to provide the correct support to individuals with learning disabilities and/ or autism with the appropriate knowledge, flexibility and resources. There needs to be a cross government strategy in which education, health, social care, and housing work together and in partnership with families and individuals to ensure that the most vulnerable group of children, young people and adults receive the right support to live fulfilling lives. 



Sky News ‘She’s not an animal: autistic teen girl locked up 24 hours a day’:



For individual telephone support for families please contact: 0300 666 0126

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