November 2019: 2,190 people with a learning disability and/or autism remain in inpatient units

Each month data is published on children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in inpatient units on the NHS Digital website. This data is published as part of the Mental Health Services Data Set and the Assuring Transformation data set.

The NHS Long Term plan has extended the Transforming Care target of 35%- 50% reduction in inpatients with learning disabilities and/ or autism to 2023/24. The NHS Long Term plan commits to a 35% reduction by March 2020.  We will continue to monitor the data, and track progress towards these targets.


Transforming Care Data

Latest figures  

  • At least 2,190 people with a learning disability / autism, of which 235 are children, continue to remain in inpatient units 
  • Little change in the number of admissions – with 80 admissions to inpatient units in November 2019. 
  • Average length of stay in inpatient units remains 5.4 years 
  • Discharge delays for 140 people with a learning disability / autism. A total of 145 people were discharged from inpatient units. This is 25 fewer than were discharged the previous month.
  • 2,935 reported uses of restrictive interventions in one month (September 2019), of which more than one in four was against a child.

According to NHS Digital Data published on 19th December, 2,190 people with learning disabilities and/ or autism were in inpatient units at the end of November 2019. Of this total 235 were children and 435 were aged between 18-24.

The figures demonstrate a continued lack of adequate progress required to meet the NHS Long Term Plan target of a 35% reduction by March 2020.

We are pleased that the Queen’s speech committed to seeking cross-party consensus for proposals for long term reform of social care. However, this must include a clear focus on children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/ or autism and be accompanied by a cross government strategy and implementation plan. There is an urgent need for leadership across education, health and social care to make the necessary improvements to care and support in the community and ensure appropriate provision is made for all people with learning disabilities and autism now.

To view the infographic for November please see here



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