Government launches NHS mandate

Yesterday, 13th November 2012, the Government launched its mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board.  

This sets out the NHS’ goals for the next two years and reaffirms the Government’s commitment to an NHS that is available to all, based on clinical need rather than ability to pay, and is able to meet patients’ needs and expectations.

For the first time, two key objectives, ensuring people have a positive experience of care and preventing premature deaths, refer specifically to people with learning disabilities.

These objectives are urgent priorities. Mencap statistics show that people with a learning disability are 58 times more likely to die before the age of 50 and four times as many people with a learning disability die of preventable causes than the general population.

Following the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and Mencap’s lobbying over the abuse suffered by people at Winterbourne View, the charities welcome the inclusion of people with learning disabilities in the mandate and the commitment to provide people with learning disabilities with safe, appropriate, high quality care.

Emma Harrison, Assistant Director at Mencap, said:

“We are particularly delighted that the Department of Health has recognised that where possible services are local and that people remain in their communities. While much still remains to be done to improve health outcomes for people with learning disabilities Mencap feels this is a big step forward.”

To view the mandate, click here.

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