Challenge Newsletter Winter 2017: Active Listening in Action

A Winter edition of the CBF’s newsletter Challenge has been published, featuring the CBF's ‘Stop, Look and Listen To Us’ work, an article about a young man who took part in this engagement project and a look at how one service understands the young people they support.

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Vivien Cooper, CEO of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, introduces the Winter 2017 Newsletter, 'Active Listening in Action'.

Active Listening in Action

It is sadly still common to hear comments like “He/ she doesn’t communicate”, when what is really meant is that he/she doesn’t communicate verbally. We all have a basic human need to communicate and connect with each other, and do so in a range of ways. Children and adults who don’t speak have the same communication needs as the rest of us – but need extra support and different ways to help them tell us what they want and how they feel. This newsletter focusses on how we can all get better at creative and positive ways to help children and adults communicate, and share their views and experiences. The lead article 'Stop, Look and Listen to Me' describes CBF's work engaging with young people and we give an example of how one young man's views were listened to in that project. We feature an article on a service provider's approach to getting to know people they support and one family's experience of residential college.                                                    .
Too often there is an assumption that some individuals can’t contribute. Instead, our starting point should be that everyone communicates, and everyone has a right to be heard. The challenge for us is to find ways to make that happen for everyone. And really listen.


Vivien Cooper OBE

Chief Executive and Founder of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation


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