New resource for family carers

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have written a new information sheet, with the help of families. ‘The Impact of Caring on Families’ acknowledges the barriers and battles, and recognises the effects caring can have on all aspects of family life. It covers topics such as diagnosis, mental and physical health of carers, sleep and finances. Throughout the information sheet we hear from family carers about their personal experiences, and at the end they give supportive messages to readers.

If you are a parent, brother, sister or other relative reading the information sheet, you may find yourself thinking ‘so it’s not just us then’. For anyone else reading, the information sheet provides a window into family’s lives.

Practical guidance and signposting towards sources of help are given for emotional and health needs, short breaks, carers assessments and financial support.

We hope this new resource will be helpful for families just starting out in their caring role, as well as those feeling isolated or looking for more support.

To read The Impact of Caring on Families, click here

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