Due to COVID-19 we are not able to send out any resources at this time. If you are a family carer in need of support then please contact our helpline.

All our information sheets are available to download. If you need specific help relating to the COVID-19 pandemic please see our information here: Guidance for Families.


Covid 19 - CBF support for families

Guidance for families of children, young people and adults with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges

If you would like some resources and information to help you care and support your family during this time see our Covid – 19 resource and information page.



This is a challenging time for all of us, but especially if you care for a loved one with a severe learning disability and/or autism whose behaviour challenges. It is particularly difficult when faced with uncertainty, additional caring responsibilities, balancing home life, isolation and health concerns.  

The CBF have written to senior officials in Health and Social Care and Education and NHSE to highlight a number of issues and ask for assurances and clarification on how they will ensure the right support is provided during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see PDF copies of the letters below. 


DHSC and Education 

We will continue to keep you updated of progress on this.

Many of you are understandably worried for your loved ones, we have asked these questions so we can provide answers to families.

We are working on providing some practical guidance and information and will share this as soon as we can.

At the CBF we have had to adjust so that staff are working from home, but we are all continuing to work, and our family support service continues to operate to support you.

If you are worried our family support line remains open and can be reached at 0300 666 0126. You can also always email us directly, support@thecbf.org.uk.



We have been advised that guidance will be issued on policies for the emergency period which will cover the points in our letter. There will also be guidance on the operation of the emergency legislation specifically around the mental health act.

We will share the guidance as soon as it is available.


Lawyers raise serious concerns about current drafting of the emergency Coronavirus Bill. This sets out some initial ideas to amend Schedule 11 of the bill to avoid a wholesale removal of duties to provide adult social care. See further information here.


The Emergency Bill passed in Parliament, meaning that it is now an Act. However, the Act is not in operation until the Secretary of State decides it is necessary and ‘switches it on’. If the Act is switched on, Local Authorities are under no obligation to operate at the minimum required by the Act; this is at their discretion. We do have concerns around authorities who choose to operate at the minimum required by the Act, and are working to ensure that the rights of children, adults and young people with learning disabilities and their families in the Care Act and Mental Health Act are not compromised. Government advice for local authorities around what the Act means for the Care Act has been published and is available here. There has also been guidance for vulnerable children and young people published here. This is broken down into a series of FAQs which help to explain what the guidance means. Guidance around the operation of the legislation on the Mental Health Act has not yet been published. 


We have received a response to our letter to DHSC, please see the letter here.


Information Sheets and FAQs


All of our Coronavirus Information Sheets and Resources are now available here


To see what other organisations have been doing please see here


For Government and NHSE guidance about Covid 19 relevant to people with severe learning disabilities see our list.


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