Public Health Observatory publish review of the results of CQC inspection

The Improving Health and Lives (IHaL): Learning Disabilities Observatory has analysed data collected during the CQC review and produced a report.

Inspections focussed on 2 outcome measures:

  • The care and welfare of the individuals using the service.
  • Safeguarding people in the service from abuse.

The report states that overall only one in seven of the residents in the 145 units were being supported in services compliant with both outcomes.

Only 14% of people living in assessment and treatment units were in services that were fully compliant with both outcomes.

The report highlights:

  • the size of many of the services - the largest was supporting 97 people. Half of the units that were inspected were supporting 9 or more individuals and half of the individuals included in the inspection were living in services with 20 or more people. 
  • the length of time people are spending in services. The majority (64%) of   assessment and treatment units were supporting at least one person who had been there for 3 years or more.
  • that compliance with the CQC regulations does not necessarily indicate the presence of high quality care. It gives the example of an assessment and treatment unit which had five people living there for over seven years, and a further four people who had lived there for an average of four years with no discharge plans in place.

Emerson concludes “The disjunction between compliance and broader notions of quality in this, and other, instances may call into question the extent to which the current Regulations are fit for purpose for the inspection of Assessment and Treatment Units for people with learning disabilities.” 

To access a copy of the report, go to:

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