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Following the scathing exposé of large-scale abuse at Winterbourne View in 2011, NHS England made a public commitment to closing inpatient facilities and moving residents back to their local communities. One year on, what has become of that promise, and why are thousands of people with learning disabilities and/or autism still being prevented from returning home?

File on 4's "Homes Not Hospitals" is a special BBC Radio 4 documentary shining a spotlight on the current situation. It hears from families from all over the UK who have experienced countless difficulties trying to bring their relatives home. Many are increasingly worried by NHS England's apparent lack of committment and willingness to invest in the vital community services required to support transition, with several family members already re-united with their loved ones reporting a life on the brink of crisis.

NHS England claim they are making progress towards these goals, but they continue to face criticism from families and professionals who believe they are working too slowly and with a frustating lack of transparency. 

The documentary was broadcast on Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 20.00. If you missed it, you can catch up online through the BBC iPlayer. Or alternatively, there will also be a repeat broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 18th September at 17.00. 

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