Families Respond to Winterbourne View Sentencing

On behalf of some of the families who had loved ones at Winterbourne View, the CBF would like to share the following statement:

 "We, the families are pleased that the judicial system has taken it’s course and that the 11 care workers that pleaded guilty to the abuse of our children have now have their punishment meted out in accordance with the law.

 We would like to take take this opportunity to thank the police, who have undertaken this operation diligently and with a great deal of sensitivity.  The righteous public outrage over the treatment of our children has highlighted the necessity of these vulnerable adults to receive the same care and protection due to them in law as any other member of the public. The police have shown their willingness to adapt and learn and the Vulnerable Adults Team at Avon & Somerset Constabulary are to be praised with their handling of this case.

However, we are all aware that without the showing of the BBC programme Panorama, Undercover Care featuring the outrages at Winterbourne View we would not be standing here.  With that in mind our deep, heartfelt gratitude goes to the whole team, including the producers, the film editor, and most of all the undercover reporter, Joe Casey.  They should be proud of their achievements and that their dedication and determination to put this on our screens has resulted in several,volcanic changes for people with a learning disability.To all the team we say simply “thank you”.

We sincerely hope that the Government will seize this unique opportunity with both hands to actually enforce  existing policy and enshrine some of those changes in law. There should be no cross party dissension over such an issue. In this, the  21st century, places like  Winterbourne View should not exist, they should be closed and more local services developed.

Viewing the footage shown in court this week has been distressing and extremely harrowing  for the families.  The guilty parties were only charged with offences shown on the Panorama programme  and it would be naive to believe that this monstrous behaviour has not been continuing for a very long time.

 We would like you to remember that our children have suffered greatly and it will take a long time for their physical and mental scars to heal, for some that may never happen. However, they are are our children, our family members, our friends and we love and cherish them and are proud of them."


If you are a family affected by the events at Winterbourne View and seeking support caring for an individual with leaning disabilities please see our support and information pages here and download our information sheet on other organisations who might be able to support you.

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