Evidence briefing paper and data supplement published by the Early Intervention Project


At the end of last year, the Challenging Behaviour Foundation brought a group of Academic Experts together to consider the available evidence and data on children with learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging.  This work forms part of the Early Intervention Project (delivered in partnership by CBF and the Council for Disabled Children).


The EIP is very pleased to announce that, as a result, an evidence briefing paper has now been published. The paper is supported by a data supplement and the methodology for estimating the number of children in England with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge. Click on the images below to read the papers. 


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The evidence briefing paper:

  • Contains, for the first time, an estimate of the number of children and young people with a learning disability who display behaviour described as challenging in England (around 40,000)
  • Shows that children with learning disabilities face an increased risk of behaviour problems
  • Highlights the lack of local services and the risks and difficulties faced by children and their families
  • Provides data about the number of children in costly residential placements (with annual costs up to £171,176 for a 52 week school and around £250,000 for an ATU placement)
  • Identifies key areas of action to help policy makers and commissioners address these issues.  These include:
    1. Enabling parents of children with learning disabilities to access early years support and parenting support
    2. Identifying problems early and working together and in partnership with families to respond eg by teaching functional communication skills or meeting health needs
    3. Providing local behaviour support teams to undertake functional assessments and support the use of PBS where required


Together, the three papers form a strong case for better early intervention. They will play an important role in the EIP's ongoing campaign to influence the work of groups responsible for driving forward national policy, and to improve the lives of children and young people with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. 


The EIP is very grateful to all those who have contributed to these papers. 



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