We have a new information sheet: 'Getting an Education, Health and Care Plan'


EHC Plans replaced statements of Special Eductional Needs (SENs) in September 2014. Our new information sheet aims to cover everything that family carers need to know about the changes.


The Children and Families Act 2014 has been described by the government as the biggest reform to child welfare legislation in 30 years. As part of the new Act, children and young adults between 0 and 25 years old should receive an ECH Plan instead of a SEN.

This change is happening so that your child’s education, health and care provision will be more joined up. By putting your child’s health, care and education needs into a single plan, everyone involved in your child’s care can have a clear idea of what your child needs and what everyone should be doing. The new system also gives children and their families more say in the process.

Our new information sheet on getting an EHC plan covers:

  • How to get an Education, Health and Care assessment
  • What the assessment will involve
  • What the new EHC Plans should include
  • What family carers need to think about in relation to challenging behaviour


Click here to view a summary page, or click the image below to download the full information sheet.





All of our information sheets are made in consultation with family carers and professionals in the relevant field. If you have any feedback on this information sheet, or any of our resoures, email Jessie on







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