The CBF and Mencap response to the CQC Mental Health Act Report 2011-12

The CQC report highlights that mental health services are failing to protect vulnerable people. Mencap and The Challenging Behaviour Foundation are deeply concerned that in many hospitals, abusive practices, such as patients being over-restrained, locked up and over medicated, are being allowed to continue. People's needs are simply not being understood.


People with a learning disability are particularly vulnerable, because they often can't speak up for themselves. At Winterbourne View, where shocking abuse was uncovered last year, most of the people with a learning disability had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The abuse, bullying and humiliation which took place there included the inappropriate use of restraint.


The CQC recognises that urgent action is needed. This must address the needs of people with a learning disability


The full report from CQC is available to download below:

Full document


Easy to read


An audio version can be access from the CQC website :


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