The Challenging Behaviour Foundation responds to the leaked findings of the Mazars report


The BBC has reported on findings from a draft of the long-awaited Mazars report, which examined all deaths at Southern Health NHS Trust. The draft report suggests that the NHS has failed to investigate the unexpected deaths of more than 1,000 people since 2011. The report also raises considerable concerns about failures to investigate adequately the unexpected deaths of people with a learning disability.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has not seen a copy of the Mazars report, but the findings that are being reported by the BBC and other media are deeply disturbing.


Viv Cooper, Chief Executive at the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, said

“Our thoughts are with the families affected, and we hope and expect that there will be independent support and advice put in place for the families concerned.”

“The draft report states that the likelihood a person with a learning disability’s unexpected death being investigated was just 1%. In addition, even when investigations into unexpected deaths were carried out they were of a poor quality, which is extremely alarming.”

“The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is expecting those responsible for any failures detailed in the final report to be properly held to account. We also expect the Department of Health and NHS England to take urgent action to determine if these are systemic issues that go beyond Southern Health.”


Families concerned about their relative’s care can find additional information here.

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