Statement in response to the Atlas Care Homes Safeguarding Review

The Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership have today published the Atlas Safeguarding Adult Review report. 


CBF has provided support to a number of families whose relatives were in Atlas Care Homes Limited over several years. Four family carers have jointly agreed the following statement in response to the review: 


“We welcome today’s publication of the Safeguarding Adult Review report but it is long overdue. We have been waiting almost eight years for its publication and for an explanation of the failings that led to the horrific abuse of our relatives. We and our loved ones continue to suffer the trauma inflicted in Atlas Care Homes. 


We need to see commitment to corrective actions in order that the failings that led to the abuse of our relatives are never repeated.” 


The CBF shares the anger and frustration of the families over the lack of information and accountability to date and welcomes the publication of today’s report which includes family experiences and their suggestions for change. There are number of clear recommendations in this report, such as provision of appropriate local community support. Many of these recommendations are already known from the significant body of evidence about how to provide good support for people with learning disabilities and learning from previous abuse scandals about how to safeguard vulnerable adult. The recommendations from this report and others must be prioritised by those commissioning and providing care to people with learning disabilities. People with learning disabilities have a right to feel valued and safe, wherever they live. 


Law firm Leigh Day represents a number of former residents of Veilstone and Gatooma, and their families and Alison Millar, Head of the Abuse Team at Leigh Day said: 


“Instead of being supported to lead full and fulfilling lives in their community, too many people continue to live in placements where the overuse of restraint and seclusion of residents is the norm. As today’s report shows, these outdated models of care create environments where individual human rights are too easily breached, often without scrutiny, and with devastating consequences.” 


Leigh Day's Full statement can be read here



Atlas care homes were closed down in 2012 and it has taken almost 8 years to reach this point and publish the findings from the investigation. The recommendations must be translated into action. The people with learning disabilities who were abused while in the care of Atlas Care Homes Ltd continue to live with the trauma of that abuse, as do their families, and this does not feel like justice. 


The report from Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership can be accessed here



Information was correct at the time of publishing 



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