Response to Dispatches

Last night's Channel 4 broadcast of Dispatches "Under Lock and Key" has shocked and moved people all over the country. The response has been immense and now we must channel this exposure into action.

Response from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation

This morning Vivien Cooper CEO of the CBF and Jan Tregelles CEO of Mencap have responded:

"Long-stay institutions that keep people with a learning disability in prison-like settings were meant to have been shut down decades ago. The failure to do this has been brought painfully to light by Channel 4’s Dispatches, exposing the harrowing conditions people with a learning disability face up and down the country, as they remain trapped in inpatient settings with no release date in sight.

The Government and NHS England has taken too long to address this scandal of care that sees people with a learning disability subject to being physical restrained, kept in seclusion and over-medicated with no guarantee when or if they will return home to their communities and families. As it stands the law is failing people with a learning disability allowing them to remain in units at risk of abuse and neglect- the Government must address this urgently.

People with a learning disability have the same hopes, desires and dreams as anyone else in society. It is time we stopped denying their basic rights and sending people to places where they remain trapped under lock and key in prison-like settings, with no guarantee of when or if they will return home to their communities.

NHS England must stop sending people to large institutions where there is a heightened risk of abuse, and focus on driving the development of community based care, where people can live independent lives free from the damaging effects of institutionalised care. ”


Enough is Enough - New Petition from Leo Andrade

Leo Andrade, family carer, was outraged at the revelations exposed in the Dispatches broadcast. The issues hit close to home for her as her own son Stephen has been an inpatient in a large institution like St Andrew's for four years. Now, Leo wants to say "Enough is Enough!"

Six years on from the Winterbourne View scandal, people in large inpatient units are still routinely being secluded, restrained and kept sedated for long periods. Leo is calling on Chief Executive of NHS England Simon Stevens to stop sending people with a learning disability to horrible places such as St Andrews. She believes eveyone with a learning disability deserves a better life in the community surrounded by people who love them. Are you with her?

Sign the petition by clicking on this link


This showing of Dispatches dealt with some very distressing content. If you have been affected by what you saw or are worried about somebody you know in an inpatient residential placement, a list of available support and advice can be found here 

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