CBF and Mencap respond to new report, Transforming care - the challenges and solutions

This week the Voluntary Organisation Disability Group (VODG) published a new report, Transforming care - the challenges and solutions, which highlights on-going failures in NHS England's Transforming Care programme.

We are in the final 10 months of a 3 year Transforming Care programme that promised to “Build the Right Support” for people with a learning disability who display behaviour that challenges, but the messages in this report are all too familiar. The report states that 'for each individual, progress has been hampered by multiple, often system-wide issues that are blocking their successful move from hospital' – these multiple system wide issues are the very issues the Transforming Care programme is meant to address. 

Seven years after the abuse uncovered by Panorama at Winterbourne View Hospital, the recommendations set out in this report are all things that should have been developed at the start of the 3-year programme, not with 10 months left to go. NHS England and the Department for Health and Social Care must urgently address these issues, and ensure the right community support and services are developed so that people with a learning disability can live fulfilling lives in the community close to loved ones, as promised.

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