15 more care staff are charged with offences including false imprisonment and ill treatment of vulnerable people with a learning disability.

The new charges follow the 7 care staff charged earlier this month, who were identified as senior managers of Atlas Project Team Limited in court today.


Devon & Cornwall Police have today charged 15 people with offences including false imprisonment and ill treatment.


Today’s arrests follow on from the 7th October when seven people were charged with conspiracy to falsely imprison and conspiracy to ill-treat vulnerable adults residing in their care homes.  It was also announced today that the seven who were arrested on the 7th of October were senior managers of Atlas Project Team Limited.


All of the charges relate to allegations surrounding the treatment of eleven residents at three care homes run by Atlas Project Team Limited (Veilstone, Gatooma and Teignmead) in Devon between the 1st January 2010 and the 31st December 2011.


Jan Tregelles, chief executive of the Royal Mencap Society and Vivien Cooper, chief executive of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, say:


“We want to see a full and thorough investigation into these serious allegations. Anyone responsible for the abuse of people with a learning disability must be properly held to account.


“These further charges are deeply concerning as they show the extent of the shocking allegations across a number of services run by the Atlas Project Team Limited.


“We must send a clear message that abuse and neglect will not be tolerated in our society and that  anyone involved – from front line staff to the board room – will be held to account. Questions must also be asked about the role of commissioners and the care regulator (CQC).”


Follow this link for the Devon and Cornwall Police press statement:

Please click here to download the full press release.

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