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You may feel you are alone in trying to cope with your son or daughter's aggression, self-injury, stereotyped behaviour or disruptive and destructive behaviours. If that is the case, then the Challenging Behaviour Foundation has several types of support networks that might suit you.

Family Carers' Email Network

This enables you to be in touch with a number of families and share experiences, information and receive and offer support - without any obligation to reply or to identify yourself. Being put in contact with other family carers who have directly experienced living with a family member with a severe learning disability who displays challenging behaviour has proved to be invaluable for many of the families that contact the CBF.  

The network helps against feelings of isolation” –parent

“It is good to get information, advice and encouragement from other families who have faced similar problems to ours. It is also good to be able to help others from our own experiences” – parent

Click here for an application form.

CBF Facebook page

 Challenging Behaviour FoundationThis is a great way of getting in touch with other people who may be going through similar experiences, or feel the same about current issues in the world of learning disability and challenging behaviour. The CBF Facebook page provides a network for sharing information, mutual support, news and information. You don’t have to join Facebook to see our page, but to post a message yourself you will need to create your own Facebook account. Please visit and tell us if you ‘like’ our page!

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This is a great way to follow the work of the CBF and keep up to date with issues in the world of learning disability and challenging behaviour.

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