Due to COVID-19 we are not able to send out any resources at this time. If you are a family carer in need of support then please contact our helpline.

All our information sheets are available to download. If you need specific help relating to the COVID-19 pandemic please see our information here: Guidance for Families.


Family Support Service

What we do

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation offers a telephone (0300 666 0126) and email (support@thecbf) support service  to family carers and professionals caring for children and adults with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

What we offer                                          

Family Support WorkerWe offer a non-judgemental, individual telephone and email support service. A Family Support worker can offer emotional support to family carers and empower carers by giving them relevant information about a number of issues. Our support service specialises in challenging behaviour and severe learning disabilities.                           

We can also give general information about: Adult Social Care, Education, Exclusion, Funding, Health, Mental Capacity Act/DOLS, Mental Health, Physical Intervention, Safeguarding,  Short breaks, Training, Transition. The CBF has a range of information sheets and DVD resources that can be offered as additional support. The resources are free of charge to family carers within the UK.

Who we can help                                

The telephone and email support service offered by the CBF is primarily aimed at family carers who have a relative with severe learning disabilities who display challenging behaviour. While anyone with a learning disability may at times display challenging behaviour the work of the CBF is primarily aimed at helping those with severe learning disabilities. A severe learning   disability is a developmental disability and refers to individuals who have  either no speech or limited communication, a significantly reduced ability to learn new skills and  require support with daily living skills such as dressing and eating.

Please note as a small charity with limited resources we are unable to offer support to families who are experiencing challenging behaviour associated with Asperger’s Syndrome, high-functioning autism, ADHD (without a  severe learning disability), dementia, brain injury etc.

Response times

Please be aware that we are a very small charity and we only have one Family Support Worker answering enquiries each day. We aim to respond as quickly as we can, but this may at times take up to 10 working days. We will answer crisis calls as soon as possible.


No infomation regarding a client of the CBF will be given to a third party, except where the safety or wellbeing of an individual is at risk or following a terroist related call.

To see the CBF's full confidentiality policy click here.



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