The Medway Advocacy Project

The Medway Advocacy Project is a demonstration project exploring how effective advocacy can be offered to individuals with learning disabilities whose behaviour is described as challenging, as issues surrounding their support can be extremely complex. The Project provides advocates with specialist training and support to enable them to work effectively with these individuals.

The project identified five young people with learning disabilities living in Medway in transition accommodation, (where they will live until they are about 25), plus an older person who has been institutionalised all of his life. All face major life decisions and were identified as potentially benefiting from advocacy support.  Outcomes will be different for each individual, but advocacy input from the Project is expected to support the following range of issues: 

.       Moving to their own home 

.       Increased independence 

.       Accessing more community facilities 

.       Reduction in incidences of challenging behaviour 

.       Improved communication

The advocates involved in the project have each developed a rapport with the individuals they are supporting and they are advocating for them on a long-term basis. The project aims to share what has been learnt about training and supporting advocates to work with people with learning disabilities, limited communication and behaviour described as challenging, so that the provision of good quality advocacy for people with complex needs improves across the UK. 


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